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Mark Rinda, born and raised in northeastern Ohio. Moved to the Myrtle Beach area of S.C. in 1983. Hobbies in high school were football, motocross, snowmobiles, snow skiing, most important hobbies were machine shop, wood-working, welding, mechanical drafting, auto-mechanics, this has helped bring me to my mechanical abilities. Enlisted in the USN, for a 4 yr. duty, with an honorable discharge. Duties in service included: flight-crew, on-board plane captain, and airframe structural mech ; With cross-training in all other fields. Responsibilities included pre-flight inspections, turn-arounds, post-flight and minor repairs on the flight. Last year of Navy included seat-time in A-4 skyhawk & F-4 Phantoms, this was at Oceania VA, now that was a blast! Something I’ll never forget. This experience has been most visible in attention-to-detail for me and quality control.

After the USN, 4 months later I entered a
aeronautical school in Tulsa, OK. 2.5 yrs
later graduated, moving back to Ohio, I
was supposed to have been hired in on
the ground floor for an aircraft manu-
facturer. It never got of the ground it
was all a political horse & pony show,
and aviation was in a down fall as of today.
I was in Ohio for about 6 months and just
packed up and moved to Myrtle Beach
S.C. and worked as a construction super-
visor for about 4 yrs., in that time I
purchased a boat and supercharged it. I enjoyed boats and watched Miami Vice which opened my desire for offshore boats and racing. The business naturally came to me.

I Started it part-time and really didn’t care for construction so I left it and got into a full-time Marine business. Raced a short period of time with a 24’ Pantera (what a lot of work!) It was one of the 3rd boats built by Pantera, after that, raced a short time with a 30’ Aquaholic, that was just about the time Will Smith, brought out the 30’ Phantom, we called it quits, 87 mph just wouldn’t cut it!

I am married with 3 kids and 2 dogs, my hobbies are still boats but, still enjoy the reward of the finished product, testing the boats and riding motocross with my family on our track. Working sometimes 180 from boats to bikes for a small change in size. Sometimes I get my friends 41’ Apache, Ghost Runner, out with 1100HP #6 and head out and crush some waves as some of you know, that’s a BLAST!
MER Performance Inc. - Little River, SC

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